1. Websites

Websites are known for having consistent and unique content published on them constantly.
Truth be told, some web journals post new content every day, or even hourly.

This is attractive to advertisers paying to have their promotions displayed on a website through the Google AdSense program. The reason is, well known online journals that are optimized for SEO rankings generate a great deal of everyday traffic that will see the promotions being appeared and really click on them. This means make money online in your pocket.

You should seriously think about putting AdSense advertisements in the top generating spots on your blog to generate the most revenue possible:
• Within blog content

• Under the route menu, however, above the content.

• To the left of the blog title

• Below blog content as a native promotion

• All whitespace areas on your website

From that point, you can use MonsterInsights to follow Google AdSense clicks utilizing MonsterInsights advertisements following:

• Find out what number of snaps your blog’s promotions are getting

• Find out where on your blog the most snaps are happening.

• Remove the low performing promotions so others can get more snaps.

For step-by-step directions, check out our instructional exercise on the most proficient method to follow Google AdSense in Google Analytics.

Utilizing Google AdSense on your blog is the easiest method to monetize your site.
Earning $10,000/month with AdSense placed all over his site Labnol.org, including inside blog content and toward the end of blog content as native advertisements, Agarwal is only one example of how beginning a blog can earn you the most money when paired with Google AdSense.

2. Discussion Sites

For some, composing blog content and drawing in steadfast readers isn’t something they need to do. However, many find that discussion sites are a great method to give others a stage to speak their psyche, while likewise generating AdSense revenue.

Instead of composing extensive blog entries, you should simply list gathering exchange focuses and let users interact.

From that point, drive traffic to your site, establish yourself as a power, and create a brand, just by getting people together to discuss a variety of subjects.

For a great gathering example, take a glance at CatForum.com. This simple discussion site dedicated to feline lovers uses Google AdSense below the route menu or more the content.

There are likewise some promotions seen at the footer of the discussion section. This further monetizes this profoundly trafficked discussion site.

3. Free Online Tool Sites

Have you ever pondered the type of traffic a website that offers a free online device may see? If not, you better believe if the instrument you offer is valuable, bunches of people will visit your site every day.

Also, those site guests are going to tap on relevant advertisements at some point, which makes you easy money.

For example, GIFmaker.me is a free online apparatus that lets you create animated gifs, slideshows, and video activities, complete with music.
Also, since this instrument is free for everyone to use, they use Google AdSense to make some money.

Notice how they use the header section of their site to show advertisements. In addition, they use the sidebar whitespace to show promotions for site guests to tap on. These promotions are easy for site guests to tap on and have the potential to generate heaps of money.

Also, there you have it! The three types of websites that earn the most money with Google AdSense.

In case you’re considering utilizing Google AdSense to monetize your website, be sure to check out how to view your AdSense reports in Google Analytics so you can optimize your promotions and lift revenue once you get started.

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