One of the many misconceptions about affiliate marketing is that it is easy. It is actually not, especially if you want to turn it into a full-time job.

You see, far too often, affiliate marketers just embed affiliate links on their content and expect the money to come in. It is actually not as easy as that as you will need to come up with a good affiliate marketing strategy to make things happen.

Think about your success in this industry akin to building your own brand. It is not easy, to begin with but with a good strategy and some patience, you will get the results that you seek.

Today, I am going to talk about core ways you can promote your affiliate links.

The Use of Native Ads

People nowadays have become aversive to typical banner ads. That is why you will see plenty of online users some kind of ad-blocker that will prohibit the display of banner ads on different websites.

So, what is one way for you to promote your products without annoying your audience? One way to do that would be to utilize what is known as Native Ads.

Social media, particularly Instagram, has become one of the best ways to market and promote affiliate products simply because you can employ native ads into your marketing strategy.

These types of ads are not your typical advertisements in the sense that they are seen like banner ads. Instead, they are incorporated through Instagram stories which means that you can either upload just an image of the product you’re selling or a short video clip of the product in action.


There are some people that are quite busy to read or even look at video content, which is why podcasts have become quite a huge thing in recent years.

Basically, you can promote your affiliate products by talking about it on a podcast. I highly suggest that you have a personal experience using the products that you promote so that you can share them with your audience.

Remember, your audience might already have the notion of buying the products that you’ve marketed and they may require only a little bit of push to do so.

Video Content

It has been said that video content will take over all other forms of internet content by 2021. Video content has also been known to be amazing when it comes to affiliate marketing because people actually want to see the product in action.

Although it does require some time, money, and even patience to pull this off, videos always give better results than any other form of content out there.

Free Guides

One of the most common things that marketers do nowadays is to provide some valuable information for free. Now, why do you think this strategy works?

Well, let’s say that you are talking about health and fitness and you happen to have the knowledge about exercises that will help people lose weight more effectively.

And, let’s suppose that you are promoting a weight-loss supplement. You can provide them with the exercises via a free course and then embed your affiliate links within your free guide. This way, it will not come off as salesy but your audience will be more inclined to buy what you have to offer.

Facebook Ads

Although I’ve mentioned that people are aversive when it comes to banner ads, this is not to say that you cannot employ a sound ad campaign. That being said, you can post some Facebook ads that are targeted towards your audience.

Just remember that Facebook has a strict rule regarding the use of affiliate links. In other words, do not use affiliate links when you use Facebook Ads. Instead, refer your audience to your website and your content will do the rest.