Are you interested to know what affiliate marketing is? If so, you’ve come to the right article! For today, I am going to be providing you with all of the information that you need about this topic and how you can get started. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Affiliate Marketing- What is It?

Affiliate marketing is basically just a form of digital marketing where the affiliate will be the one to establish an audience, thus allowing them to market the products of their parent companies.
Also known as advertisers, parent merchants are business entities that sell the products that affiliate marketers should entice their audience to buy. But, ‘enticing the audience’, in this regard, just refers to making sure that the content they put up is good and convincing that people will not hesitate to click on the link.
Now, this ‘link’ is actually known as the affiliate link and it is a special URL that has a tracking cookie or pixel built into it. The reason why it has to be tracked is so that the algorithm knows how many times the link was clicked and how many times people have actually bought items using the specific link provided.
Affiliates can either find partner merchants through affiliate programs or affiliate network. Think of affiliate networks as a means for both business owners and marketers to converge and affiliate programs as the contract that both parties will agree upon to get things started.

Why You’d Want to Be an Affiliate Marketer

There are so many compelling reasons why you’d want to be an affiliate marketer yourself. The first is the ability for anyone to gain some passive income. All you really need to do on your part is create content and I am assuming that you are already doing that since you’ve searched for affiliate marketing basics.
Furthermore, you can have the freedom to choose which company you’re going to be partnered with. So long as it aligns with the theme of your platform, then you have all the freedom.
For example, if you are creating content about basketball, you can partner up with a shoe company and you can get commissions from that.

How Much Earning Potential is There in This Niche?

How much money you can gain from affiliate marketing will depend on a number of factors. First is the company that you are partnering with. You see, most of them use the pay-per-sale model wherein you will get payments based on the sale of their products.
If you were to promote basketball shoes, you can gain hefty commissions since those shoes cost a lot.
But, I want to temper your expectations about this. Sure, you can earn a lot of money through affiliate marketing, but earning thousands or even millions in this industry will require a lot of time on your part. In other words, although you can get rich, you will also have to sink a lot of time and effort into this to make things work the way you wanted it to be.