‘You are what you eat’ is what doctors would usually say to their patients. What you put into your body can have a profound impact on your overall wellbeing.

Men who cannot last longer in bed might not be eating the right kinds of foods.
Therefore, you must make certain tweaks to your diet in order for you to get healthier, thus priming your body for passionate and impactful sex.

In this article, I will mention some foods that are known to help increase your libido and I am also going to mention some that would kill it (which you should avoid at all costs).
If eating these foods will not improve your condition significantly, you can turn to male enhancement pills as well.

Eggs as well.

Eggs are rich in protein which is considered as the building block of your muscles. That being said, eggs can be enjoyed and cooked in a number of ways. You can either have
them poached, fried, deviled, or scrambled or you can even add them to your favorite foods as well.

It is rich in L-arginine which is proven to be effective for men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. When eating the egg, eat whole eggs as the yolk contains the bulk of the nutrients that you need.


Cloves have been used in Ayurvedic medicine for so many centuries, mainly as a means to treat people with sexual dysfunctions.

It can be added to any of your foods and one other benefit is that they can also get rid of bad breath as well (which is essential if you are going to kiss your partner).


One of the best sources of plant-based protein, broccoli is also rich in Vitamin C which is known to help improve blood circulation to the different organs in your body.


This fruit is mainly used as a snack, especially in locations with predominantly hot climates. If you do gorge on watermelons frequently, you will be happy to know that this fruit actually helps improve your libido.

Watermelon, for those of you who do not know, is actually considered an aphrodisiac. It contains phenethylamine which can help boost endorphin and serotonin levels in the body, thus improving your mood (especially when doing pleasurable activities like sex).

A study that was conducted by the researchers at Texas A & M also deems watermelons to produce Viagra-life effects thanks to a phytonutrient called citrulline.
This gets converted to arginine which is known to help boost nitric oxide levels in the body. In English, it helps improve erections because the blood vessels in the body get relaxed and, therefore, be able to get more blood flowing into the different parts of your body.

Libido Killers

  • Oysters- Although they are regarded as one of the most popular aphrodisiacs, do not buy into the hype. Sure, it contains loads of Zinc which can help stimulate clitoral sensitivity and produce a lot of sex hormones in the process, but it is also known to suck parasites and toxins in the ocean. In other words, its cons
    outweigh the pros
  • Processed Foods- Do not eat processed foods, especially cakes and pastries. They are not only high in sugar and fat, but they are also high in trans fats as well, which can be detrimental to your overall health and wellbeing
  • Dairy Products- This is not to say that you should not consume dairy products, but this is to say that you should consume it sparingly. That is because dairy contains lactic acid which can negatively impact your libido. However, it does have the benefit of providing you with calcium, which his linked to improving
    sexual and cell health. If anything, consume it in moderation.