Are you looking for quality website hosting services for your business blog? Looking for the perfect company is not easy. You need to read lots of web hosting reviews! How about email servers? If you are not familiar yet with this aspect, check the following features.

1. Spam Protection

Spam protection is a basic feature that should be included in email hosting services. Make sure that this specific system is efficient and reliable.

2. Email Filtering

This is completely different from spam filtering. In email filtering, you can organize and segregate your emails in accordance to your own rules. It allows you to sort your own emails.

3. Customer Service

Maintaining and setting up your email server can be a complex process. You wouldn’t want any glitch to happen, especially if you are dealing with everything all by yourself. All of your complaints, concerns and questions must be addressed promptly.

4. The Necessary Protocols

In order to have email flexibility, the professionals you should work with must be able to deliver SMTP and IMAP/POP access. These are important protocols in accessing emails. In general, IMAP is considered as the much better protocol since it is good for reading emails through many devices.

5. Security

Email systems need to be secure and safe. You should look for a reliable email hosting service that comes with firewall and virus protection features. The TLS encryption feature is also an advantage.

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