Choosing the right color schemes for your web design project is not an easy task. The colors you are going to choose should be able to connect with your audience on an emotional level. Great color choices can impact how a person interprets what they are seeing.

What do colors mean?

Selecting colors is more than just a matter of personal preference. Colors have different meanings, and can influence your target market in a specific way. Color is crucial in website design. It has the power to communicate the correct message about your brand the right way.

Warm colors

Warm colors can enforce an energetic effect on every visitor. However, they are utilized alone have the strength to over stimulate. It’s highly recommended to mix warm colors with neutral, cool colors for balance.

  • Orange – determination, warm, friendly, enthusiastic, success
  • Yellow – lively, youthful, energetic, optimistic, fresh
  • Red – emotional, active, intensity, passionate, love, strength
  • Pink – romantic, warm, sweet, playful, compassionate, soft

Cool Colors

Cool colors have calming effects on your audience. They are used on many websites, but has the tendency to give impersonal, cold feels.

  • Blue – calm, integrity, comfort, trust, clarity, loyalty, reliability
  • Purple – nostalgic, glamour, ambition, power, spiritual, luxury
  • Green – calm, peaceful, fresh, trust, relaxed, healing, hopeful

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are best combined with cool or warm shades. This can provide the balance in website design.

  • Brown – home, friendships, outdoors, earth, simplicity, credibility, endurance
  • Gray – wisdom, respect, , patience, longevity, modern, intelligent
  • Black – serious, powerful, elegant, dramatic, bold, luxurious, formal


Color contrast is an essential aspect of visual composition. It can be very useful, but should be utilized carefully. If you are planning to use high contrasts in your website, the result can be very hard to read. It’s best to use mid-level contrasts for most of your pages.

Colors can bring your website design to life!

Beautiful colors are everywhere. When they are utilized properly, they can help promote any kind of action or emotion. Keep in mind though, that colors are not the only key to an amazing layout. It is just one of those tools that can be used to build an outstanding website design.

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