At the edges, men fall apart. Look at just a few of these stats: men are three times more likely than women to take their own lives. Men in mid-life remain, for emotional support, disproportionately dependent on a female partner. The dissolution of marriage is more likely to lead men to suicide. Men’s view of counseling and therapy is much more negative than women. It’s at the point of crisis that people use counseling. Men aged 18 to 44 are less likely than women to see a doctor.

The list goes on.

Obviously, we need support. Nevertheless, we approach it with caution when it comes to our well-being. Wellness is a thing for women after all, right?

It’s not that. And the fact is this: men are more likely to profit from well-being.

But let’s make it abundantly clear before we go any further. We’re not thinking here about swimming in the rain. We’re not going to venture holistic holidays, nor relaxation exercises, but instead deliver digestible pieces of advice, real-world stories and tips to make 2019 your best year yet–inside and outside. Since, actually, life is much more than bulging biceps.

We want to break the myth about the well-being of people. We want to prove that beauty is more than facial masks and scented candles. We want to open the discussion around subjects like testicular self-exams and problems of erectile safety. We want to help people cope with the stresses of everyday life, a career and a family balance. They want to reduce stress rates–a UK-wide crisis–to improve the quality of life, address issues of body confidence, eat disorders, and make more people happy. And in the next few months we’re going to keep yelling about it.

Your Fitness

The cliché of’ new year new me,’ stressful as it may be, provides an apt stepping stone to start healthier habits. Our January 2019 edition, out now, records the story of how Lewis Hammond, 43, changed his health through a comprehensive redesign of his fitness approach. He reduced his cholesterol (it was on the verge of being life-threatening at the beginning), exploded body fat, and became more energized than he had ever dreamed when feigning injury.

The same may apply to you, because you don’t need to squirm four times a week under a barbell to feel fitter, like Lewis. Engage instead in a routine that works for you, proper diet and supplements for men. We will be sharing the best deals, workouts and tips with you over the coming days and weeks to help you achieve your goals, regardless of your age.

Your Health

A slimmer waistline and wider arms by exercise are not the only advantages of self-care. Lower cholesterol, higher energy levels and more positive moods are just a few benefits that can only make a healthier lifestyle. Your sex life is also going to benefit and your mental strength can be changed.

Also, this doesn’t mean that you have to subject yourself to a Strict diet outside your exercise routine, as with your fitness. We want you to be more aware of how you have an effect on your diet. We’re going to talk to nutritionists, psychologists, physicians, and scientists to regain your wellbeing by diet without giving up the things you enjoy.

Your Mental Health

Mental health is a relevant topic for Men’s Health, as you will know by now, with our writers and editors (several speaking from very personal points of view) committed to communicating and creating content that can be directly applied.

More than 15,000 men’s health readers shared their experiences with mental health in 2017, and we found that 70% would not identify themselves as “living with high levels of positive mental health” and another 69% had never contemplated talking to a therapist when it came to finding help with mental health issues. Disturbing? Sure. Conquerable? Of course.

Your Work

It has become abundantly clear from blue-collar workers and tradesmen that employers are now shining a stronger light on the workplace’s productivity and mental health. We don’t even think about seeing Japanese peace lilies around the workplace or yoga on a building site. We want to help you make real change that will make the office a more safe and comfortable place to spend more than 40 hours a week. It’s time for you to do your job. And we’ll show you how.

Why don’t you hang around with this in mind? We will miss you.